7th Level Mortgage offers residential mortgages for all types of mortgage loan products including Conventional, Harp Loans, FHA, VA, USDA, First Time Home Buyers, and Reverse Mortgages.

Conventional Loans

Tired of paying Government insurance for your mortgage loan? Ask about our No MI Conventional loan programs in NJ, PA, DE, NY, FL, and MD!

USDA Loans

Qualify for 102% of the purchase price of your home with a USDA federally insured mortgage. Perfect for single parent families, low income families or first time homebuyers. USDA is not just for farmland anymore, most counties in NJ, PA, DE, NY and FL qualify.

VA Loans

If you or your spouse served in the Armed Forces, you may be eligible for a Veterans Administration Guaranteed Loan up to 100% of the value or purchase price of the home. As a veteran owned mortgage company, we speak your language and we understand the needs of our military members and their families.

REVERSE Mortgage Loans

Available for seniors over age 62, no income, credit or means testing. Never make a mortgage payment again as long as you live in your home. Call for more details!

HARP Loans

If your last mortgage loan was completed BEFORE June 2009, is currently and FNMA or FHLMC serviced loan, you are eligible to take advantage of today's lower rates without an appraisal.

FHA Loans

First Time Home Buyers and Streamline FHA loans with LOWER MIP available for all clients who had an FHA mortgage loan insured BEFORE June 2009 - Save HUNDREDS per month.

JUMBO Mortgage Loans

If your loan amount is above $417,000 you may qualify for our super saver Jumbo Home loan.